TBL Manager starts internationalization process

TBL Manager starts internationalization process

TBL Manager, leader in Business Analytics solutions for excellence in the management of indicators and sustainability performance, has just announced the start of its internationalization. The first step was the creation of TBL Europe, to be base for foreign operations. The local structure leadership will be conducted by recently appointed Commercial Vice-President João Matoso Henriques, executive with broad national and international experience and CEO at SDG – Simuladores e Modelos de Gestão, company with solid activity and international presence for over four decades, with which TBL Manager promoted a strategic partnership for sales and commercial support to its products and services.

TBL Europe will offer its customers SaaS solutions from sustainability Business Analytics (dashboard, ESG and LCA – Life-Cycle Assessment reports, etc.) and Analytics, in addition to the recently-launched tool Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), which meets the growing demand for decarbonization initiatives, and the GHG Protocol, to measure emissions. All those solutions integrate the SIS (Sustainability Indicators’ System), ESG cloud platform that works with systematized information, traceability, agility and unified management.

The choice of Europe as starting point of the company’s internationalization, according to TBL Manager COO Rafael Morales, is due to the relevance given to corporate sustainability in that continent. In Europe, as well as in Brazil, there is a series of actions being put into practice to make companies’ operations ecologically correct, socially fair and economically feasible.

“The European Commission has recently adopted a comprehensive package of sustainable financial measures with rules and proposals including ESG reports’ requirements, which reaches over 50 thousand companies. The obligation, beyond socio-environmental issues, is related to investment funds”, says Morales.

“Today there is at least US$ 15 trillion in European assets under the management of funds that invest their resources only in businesses and companies that adopt sustainable practices. Due to all that, our expectation for generation of local business is high”, he concludes.

About TBL Manager

TBL Manager is specialized in solutions for excellence in the management of indicators and sustainability performance. Created in 2013 based on the experience of consultants with over 20 years working with Corporate Sustainability, we use this broad knowledge in cutting-edge technology to meet the most different demands in areas like Governance Risk Mitigation, Compliance, Health and

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