SIS – Sustainability Indicators System

The solution developed by TBL Manager is web based, that is, it can be accessed by users registered in any location, requiring only an internet connection. The user-friendly interface is a highlight of the solution, as well as its easy-to-understand features, with a self-taught and intuitive navigation at all levels of computer knowledge. Mobile access compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android system.

Through integrations with legacy systems, such as SAP, Oracle, among others, SIS, ensures data security, all the information filled and attached are always treated in a confidential and encrypted manner, and reduce rework. The database is hosted on Amazon, in the United States of America, and has a mirror operation in two data centers that are in different locations.

The SIS allows and facilitates the collection and analysis of sustainability reporting information, enabling a more efficient management of the information collection process, through stock logging, chat and attachments. These features enable the analysis of the responses provided in real time, directly to the company and to the consultancy that supports the process of sustainability reports.

Multi-user solution and access hierarchy – allows users to be responsible for including information and others for their validation, and has indicators aligned with the main methodologies. Due to these characteristics, the solution is efficient and simple: it concentrates in a single space all the necessary information for the elaboration process, thus facilitating the audit of sustainability report, inventories and other certified processes.

Through the SIS it is possible to create and manage collection campaigns, by customizing automatic emails, users are warned about the response time. The management of performance indicators can be done entirely by the SIS, without the need for spreadsheets, through alerts in the indicators the monitoring of goals is facilitated. Creating custom reports allows you to cross-reference data, set goals, and performance reviews.


It allows the monitoring of sustainability management in an efficient, concrete and tangible way, providing emission reports, health and safety, environment, among others.




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