TBL Manager’s internationalization strategy aims to build strong partnerships with local players who will be involved in the implementation process, customer support and commercial prospecting. The opportunity to enter the international market allows TBL Manager to present its global, multilingual, high performance and flexible solution to other markets.

The high degree of customization of the SIS allows local realities to be adapted to the platform, thus offering a customized and adherent solution to the different challenges of corporate sustainability.

And this is how TBL Manager differentiates, accessing new markets and taking on challenges to meet a wide range of demands and corporate needs.


Fortalecerse is a Colombian organization that has been working since 2007 in the development and application of knowledge on business sustainability to companies in various sectors through consulting, applied research, installation of skills and transfer of skills.
Our main objective is to lay the foundations for innovation and the creation of long-term value in companies and organizations of the private sector, which seeks to transform its present with the goal of being sustainable in the future. | Linkedin