Effective follow-up and efficiency in the management of indicators and forms based on the main market methodologies.

Main features:

  • Incorporation of sustainability standards
  • Fast return on investment
  • Cloud platform
  • Allows business to address corporate accountability metrics
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use and flexible software
  • Allows planning and analysis of environmental, labor, and other requirements
  • Monitor regulatory compliance
  • Validation of targets (eg energy efficiency, calculation and reduction of emissions, etc.)
  • Effective monitoring and efficiency in the management of the company’s performance against indicators such as: GRI, ISE, iBase, Guia Exame, among others
  • Value chain management: allows the monitoring of the compliance of suppliers and service providers with established standards, reducing financial, operational and reputational risks
  • Compliance: compliance with legal requirements, regulations and best practices of sustainability, such as Resolution 4.327 of the Central Bank of Brazil
  • Efficiency in the stage of gathering information for the Sustainability Report and other economic and socio-environmental reports
  • Agility and security in internal and external Audit processes, allowing to attach evidence and documents
  • Maintains all information history, ensuring access and preservation of data, regardless of organizational changes
  • High performance to meet the demands of the business with flexibility in the construction and / or customization of indicators by the customer, without the need for TBL support
  • Scalability that allows the rapid expansion of technological resources and the ability to increase the number of users of the Management System
  • Unified and automated management contributing with significant cost reduction and elimination of rework
  • Reinforcement of Corporate Governance
  • Information flow security
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Performance forecasts