We Live Sustainability Technology

6 years ago, we created a solution that meets the demands of HSE, Sustainability, Waste, GHG Emissions, social and environmental risk among other aspects in a web, structuring, flexible and auditable environment.

GEE Emissions
Inventory Module

Perform your GHG Emissions Inventory through a web-intuitive solution with periodically updated GHG emission factors (GHG).

Reports & Questionnaires

Management software for Sustainability Reports and Aneel and ISE questionnaires, Exame Sustainability Guide and DJSI, allowing efficient management of sustainability and in a web environment.

Integrations with Systems

SAP, Oracle, Totvs, PIMS, Power BI, SCPA, and more

Achieve maximum data efficiency and security through integrations available in SIS.


It allows field inspections, with georeferenced evidence, in a web environment, promoting sustainability management.


Governance corporate data by customizing organizational structure with custom for business-friendly metrics

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Information systematization

It promotes data management in a single web environment through analytical and strategic indicators, modules or custom KPIs.


Data security and monitoring efficiently for tracking, evolution and auditing.


Allows real-time management of SSMA, Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG), Sustainability Reporting, Waste and Social and Environmental Risk KPIs, among other information with maximum efficiency, allowing efficient sustainability management.

Unified Management

Effective monitoring and management of company performance against indicators / forms, allowing comparability in a few clicks, in a secure web environment.

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André Werneck Valente, Raízen Sustainability Coordinator

Integrating our internal systems with SIS has brought more security in data quality and allowed us to spend more time managing critical issues. No doubt the balance is very positive

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In 2020,

SIS had 2,140 active users, over 1.1 million page views and over 18,000 hours of use.