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SIS Sustainability Indicators System.

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Sustainability Indicators System for several ESG modules.

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ISE B3; Inventory of GHG Emissions, Management of waste, water, energy, accidents; Diversity, Private Social Investment, Standard Sustainability Reports (GRI); Climate Changes; Circular Economy; Live Cycle Analysis.

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Sustainability indicators software

SIS provides full intelligence in sustainability for companies to achieve efficiency and success in all ESG aspects and initiatives.

Agile, systemic and multidisciplinary management

SIS will contribute for your company to have a systemic and multidisciplinary vision, based on scientific criteria on the different impacts in social, environmental and economic ambits. By means of the analytics module, it creates scenarios and projections of your ESG journey.

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While entering data on the platform, manually or automatically, through integration of legacy systems, SIS uses intelligence to convert data into indicators.


Presents and organizes information in a user-friendly format, transforming data collected into customizable graphic reports, tables and maps.



Charts and tables that enable full ESG management. Assists in the monitoring of Sustainability Report and performance indices (ISE, DJSI, among others).



What does it do?

  • Predictive modeling using Machine Learning.
  • Risk minimization, based on strategic data and KPIs;
  • Increases precision in managerial reports making them more efficient and reliable.
  • Sophistication in the organization data analyses with customized dashboards;
  • Improvement of efficacy in processes, enabling better organization and subsidies for management.


Enables edition of indicators according to own KPIs. In this way, data management will occur daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

All that based on international scientific criteria

Environmental, social and governance matters are considered essential in risk analyses and investment decisions. Decision making in investments will be based on international ESG criteria. SIS uses international criteria annually updated.


Even better. We are unlimited.

With SIS, no matter the size of your organization, the number of units and indicators is unlimited. You may have 80, 100, 1,000 or more units, and all data will be integrated and consolidated.

How are data entered?

Automatically, by integration with systems. Or manually, with multiuser management, through collaborators. Your management is automated, unified and efficient.

Automated management

SIS integrates data automatically, both across units and with legacy systems and main market ERPs (SAP, Oracle, including IoT systems).

Unified Management

Multiuser and multidisciplinary

SIS provides access from different areas of the company. Engage collaborators from RH, Health and Safety, Environment, Logistics areas, among others, in data insertion.

Efficient management in one single place

SIS brings several standard modules in the platform, in addition to many others that can be customized unlimitedly, facilitating broad management of impacts. The modules make possible the creation of a strategic and thematic ESG agenda that contemplates:

More Benefits

Traceability and Safety

All data are traced with logs. The TBL Manager follows the main safety practices in the market. Your information encrypted and safe in the cloud.


You can manage your data from your cell phone. App available for IOS and Android.


Don’t worry, Não se preocupe, Quédate tranquilo. SIS is a system available in three different languages, facilitating the reading and presentation of data and information in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

What does your company gain with an SIS management?

Transparency with investors

For making a deal, investors and suppliers will want to know about the company’s sustainable practices. With SIS you will have easy access to ESG reports. Data can be accessed in real time.

An efficient ESG journey

The ESG Journey of an organization is daily, constant, and cyclic. With SIS management your company can be increasingly prepared for an impactful and agile performance in ESG initiatives.


With analytics it is possible to make predictions for the coming years, whether in 5, 10, or 20 years.

With this system your company can, based on its own data, trace predictions for the coming years. Some companies have already set goals to the coming years, what about yours?

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